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What Is An LCD? - A Limited CD is a in house manufactured, printed CDR. It comes with artwork. LCDs usually contain the same tracks as the download package for that release. LCDs are designed for those who don't wish to download (but still want all the tracks) or collectors.

Special Offers
Buy HOOJ72R Jark Prongo - Movin Thru Your System Vinyl 2  
Buy HOOJ60R Sil - Windows Vinyl 2  
Buy HOOJ75 DJ Gogo - Cyber Vinyl EP  
Buy HOOJ97CD Morel - True CD  
Buy HOOJ094CD Andy Ling - Fixation CD  
Buy HOOJ099CD Parks & Wilson - Feel The Drums CD  
Buy HOOJ081CD Lost Tribe - Gamemaster CD 1  
Buy HOOJ081CDX Lost Tribe - Gamemaster CD 2  
Buy HOOJ073CDX Tilt - Invisible CD 2  
Buy HOOJ073CD The Light - Expand The Room CD  
Buy HOOJ125CD Psycho Radio - In The Underground CD  
Buy HOOJ119CD Flash Brothers - Hazy March CD  

Recently Added Items
Buy HOOJ137LCD Medway - Resurrection - LCD  
Buy HOOJ138LCD Katcha - Touched by God - LCD  
Buy HOOJ139LCD Medway - The Bassline Track - LCD  
Buy HOOJ140LCD 16B - Escape (Driving To Heaven) - LCD  
Buy HOOJ141LCD Datar - U - LCD  

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